Disposable Surgical Packs

  • EO Gas Sterile Disposable Surgical Packs Knee Arthroscopy Pack
    $  0.00 $  11.69

    Disposable Surgical Drape Knee Arthroscopy PackProduct descripition              Knee Arthroscopy Pack Mayo stand cover 80*145cm 1pc Instrument table cover 150*200cm 1pc Knee authroscopy drape 200*300cm 1pc Foot cover 40*75cm 1pc Camero cover 13*250cm 1pc Reinforced gown L 43 gsm SMS 2pcs Skin marker and ruler   1set Elastic

  • Hospital Disposable Surgical Angiography Kit Angiography Set
    $  0.00 $  11.1

    High Quality Hospital Disposable Surgical Angiography Kit/ Angiography SetProduct description  Angiography Drape 150*300cm 1pc Instrument table cover 150*200cm 1pc Fluoroscopy cover 70*90cm 1pc Solution cup 500 cc 1pc Gauze Swabs 10*10cm 10pcs Reinforced gown L L 43gsm 2pcs hand towel 40*40cm 2pcs Sponge   1pc Wrapping cloth 100*100 100*100cm

  • C Section SMS SMMS Disposable Surgical Packs Cesarean Section Drapes
    $  0.00 $  11.26

    Best Selling Disposable Surgical C-Section Pack Cesarean Section Drapes Product Description1.Ultra-thin and comfortable film makes it stick to surgical incision and surgical towels which will contribute to operation.2.Its features of transparent and breathable allows the skin breathe freely, prevents the water vapor under the towel from gathering, reduces possibility of infection. That can provid a sterile environment for the operation.3. The main effective active ingredient is Iodine, the percent of the efficacious Iodine is 0.45%-0.55%(4500mg/L-5500mg/L).The common bacteria, such as

  • Disposable Sterile Surgical SSMMS SMMS C Section Pack
    $  0.00 $  9.56

    Disposable Sterile Surgical C-section Pack/Cesarean Section Kit  Product performance:1. The product uses wood pulp spunlace cloth and SMS as raw materials, and is designed as a disposable labor bag; 2. It has good barrier property, which can prevent the infiltration of blood, alcohol and other liquids during operation; 3. Scientific posture design, the visual field area of surgical incision is covered with special operation membrane to prevent the spread and spread of bacterial dandruff carried by skin to the surgical wound, and reduce wound infection. 4, It can collect amniotic fluid,

  • Healthcare Surgical Procedure Packs , Knee Arthroscopy Disposable Patient Drapes
    $  0.00 $  13.33

     Disposable Surgical Knee Arthroscopy Packs Knee Drape Pack Surgery Device Usage: It is used in the operation room for knee arthroscopy surgery, the product is no irritation, no toxicity and inodorous to human, there is no energy and no side effect to body. Can be used to improve the ease, efficiency and safety of surgical procedure, meanwhile Reduced the risks of accidental cross infection Packaging: Individual packed in paper&plastic sterile bag, or customized packing  Common material PE film, SPP, SMS, SMMS disposable non-woven  Adhesive

  • Extremity Arthroscopy Disposable Surgical Packs With Disposable Draw Sheet Shoulder Surgery Ankle Set
    $  0.00 $  11.12

    Extremity Arthroscopy Pack with Disposable Draw Sheet Shoulder Surgery Ankle Set Disposable Medical Surgical pack, we can provide the series surgical packs used in hospital, universal packs,reinforced universal pack,opthalmic packs,C-section packs,Laparotomy pack,lithotomy pack,Urology pack,shoulder pack,hip packs,extremity pack,arthroscopy pack,angiography pack,birth pack,etc. The only one thing you need do is telling us the specification and quantity you want to purchase.We can confirm the whole production process, from raw materials to finished product assembly, is completed in

  • Craniotomy Set Disposable Surgical Packs EO Gas Sterilization For Scull Procedure
    $  0.00 $  9.04

    Craniotomy Set Disposable Scull Procedure Packs with Wrapping Surgical Packs Functions: Craniotomy Packs protect the skull area, prevent the incision from crossing infection and it supports customization according to the customer's drawings and requirements. Also including side drape to absorbs liquid and can be replaced in time, mayo stand cover to cover the chair or be used on the instrument tray, hand towel to absorbs the extra liquid quickly. Contents: Craniotomy Surgical Packs  Size   Quantity Instrument table cover 150*200cm 1pc

  • Laparoscopy Abdominal Medical Procedure Packs Disposable Sterile Surgical Drapes
    $  0.00 $  9.63

    Laparoscopy Abdominal Surgical Packs Disposable Sterile Surgical Drapes Using in Obstetrics ProcudureTotal description for what customers may have interests:  Common material PE film, SPP, SMS, SMMS disposable non-woven  Adhesive Incise Area Fluid collection Pouch, Foam band, with Suction port / as request. Tube holder  Solution cup Surgical brush Thickness 35--100gsm Color Blue / Green Packing EO sterile pouch, 1pack / bag, 8packs / carton or customized Expiry date  3

  • EO Sterilize Disposable Surgical Universal Pack For Hospital Kit ISO13485
    $  0.00 $  7.45

    Disposable EO Sterilize Surgical Universal Pack For Hospital Use KitProduct Introduction: Disposable General Surgical Pack Size Quantity Mayo Stand Cover  80*145cm 1pc Op-tape 10*50cm 2pcs Hand  Towel  40*40cm 2pcs Side Drape  75*90cm 2pcs Head Drape 150*240cm 1pc Foot Drape 150*180cm 1pc Wrapper 100*100cm 1pc  Reinforced Surgical Gown Size L 2pcs Instrument Table Cover  150*200cm 1pc Picture Description:After sales:1. Established a special department of the

  • SMS Disposable Sterile Knee Arthroscopy Pack Standard Customized Size
    $  0.00 $  6.96

    Hospital Use SMS Disposable Sterile Knee Arthroscopy PackApplication:We supply high quality Knee Arthroscopy Packs with CE and ISO certification. Knee Arthroscopy Pack is used in the sterile operation room for the needs of  knee arthroscopy surgery. Non-woven fabric disposable surgical drape can effectively reduce the risk of postoperative infection and reduce the possibility of cross infection of medical staff and patients. We company strictly choose the high quality material to make the high quality surgical consumable products to ensure the safety in the operation.

  • Waterproof Surgical Dressing Pack Disposable Tur Urology Surgical Procedure
    $  0.00 $  6.36

    Disposable Urinary Surgical Packs Tur Pack Urology Disposable Procedure Packs with Fluid Collection PouchProduct Introduction: TUR pack is used for general purposes during the urinary surgical operations. They are made of non woven or non-absorbent triplex upon customer request. It has T shape for cover foot of patient. In order to ensure sterility, all the drape packs have medical folding and it is easy to follow unfolding directions by the help of labels or marks on the drapes.  It has special hole area and rubber for operation area. Liquid Collection Pouch is made of polyethylene

  • Obstetrics Laparoscopy Disposable Surgical Packs Blue Green color SPP PE lamination
    $  0.00 $  9.68

    Disposable Surgical Packs Laparoscopy Surgery Device Obstetrics Procecdure Packs  Manufacturing features: 1. Monthly Production Capacity: Surgical Gowns 500,000pcs, Surgical Packs 150,000 sets2. Lean Manufacturing Principles with Strict Quality System: ISO13485 & CE 0197 Certified3. Products Are Produced in Accordance to EN 13795 Standards4. Full Time QC to Ensure Quality From Raw Materials to Loading5. Professional test instruments in Central Laboratory.   Common material PE film, SPP, SMS, SMMS disposable non-woven  Adhesive Incise Area

  • Hospital Disposable Surgical Packs Single Patient Wear with Pillow Case
    $  0.00 $  9.44

    Disposable Surgical Welcome Packs Patient Kit / Single Patient Wear Pack This Welcome Packs are also called patient kit / patient pack, which can be used in Hospital / Clinic / SPA / Cosmetics / Home. It's not only a medical products, but also a single-use pack for personal protection.   Instruction 1. Disinfection of the surgical site 2. Waiting until skin completely drying, speading film,and then peeling off the paper frame .Put on the surgery mouth. 3. Smoothing from the middle to the surrounding ,closing with skin, Absolutely cannot leave bubbles.

  • Wound Care Angiography Pack Medical Procedure Surgery Dry Cool Storage
    $  0.00 $  12.22

    Disposable Surgical Packs Angiography Surgery Device Heart Surgical Procecdure Packs: Information: Surgical Gown: Features high protectiveness, which can prevent the penetration of blood, grease, and alcohol. Back Table Cover: Parcels the accessories in an operating instrument set, or functions as a table cloth on which the apparatus is arranged when taken out from an operating instrument set. Surgical Drape: Effectively blocks liquid and bacterial penetration and prevents cross infection when covering the patient. Femoral Angiography Drape: Transparent PE membrane on both sides

  • Orthopedic Disposable Surgical Packs , Disposable Medical Consumables
    $  0.00 $  6.84

    Disposable Surgical Hip Packs Orthopedic Drape Pack Medical Consumables Application: We supply high quality HIP SURGICAL PACKS with CE and ISO certification. Hip surgical pack is used in the sterile operation room for the needs of hip surgery. Non-woven fabric disposable surgical drape can effectively reduce the risk of postoperative infection and reduce the possibility of cross infection of medical staff and patients. We company strictly choose the high quality material to make the high quality surgical consumable products to ensure the safety in the operation.  Common

  • Non woven Custom Procedure Packs Medical Devices Sterile Packaging Universal
    $  0.00 $  5.9

    Disposable Surgical Packs Cardiovascular Drape Packs Non-woven Heart Surgery Products Raw materials: The raw non-woven fabrics we used all passed hydrostatic pressure test and tensile test, such as SMS, SPP, Spunlace and Viscose non-woven. But also we can supply different kinds of products with customized weight, size, color, packing details. Quality Control:1. We will not start to make the products until you confirm the sample.2. The packing will be water-proof, damp-proof and sealed3. Our QC staff inspecting before/during/after mass production  Common material

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