• Medical Disposable Surgical Drapes Sterile Surgical Ophthalmic Drape CE Certificate
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     Surgical Drape Medical Disposable Sterile Surgical Ophthalmic Drape CE Certificate  Products Detail  The disposable sterile surgical ophthalmic drape can reduce the rate of sensitization to prevent infection during eye surgery. High quality medical pressure-sensitive adhesion makes good using effect without warped edge, no residue, no pain when you tear off, can be tightly retained for long time on the skin. High breathable polyurethane file transparent and breathable to prevent moisture accumulation under surgery, provide a sterile working environment around the

  • Ophtahlmic Custom Surgical Packs , Eye Sterile Surgical Kit Single Use
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    Custom Surgical Packs Ophtahlmic Surgical Kits Single Use Surgical Ophthalmology Eye Packs  Advantage of custome surgical packs:1. Cost: we combine all the items in one package, which can reduce the cost compared with each item.2. Time: reduces the preparation time and surgery, that every second is precious.3. Safe and reliable: all products are single-use products, strictly comply with relevant domestic and international quality standards. The entire production process, from raw materials to finished product assembly, is done in the purification workshop. Minimize the risk of initial

  • SMS/SMMS Sterile Universal Disposable Surgical Packs CE Certificate
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    Disposable Sterile Surgical Universal Pack CE Certificate Product Details Contents   Accessories Size Pieces Mayo Stand Cover 80*145 cm 1 pc Op-tape 10*50 cm 2 pc Hand Towel 40*40 cm 2 pc Side Drape 75*90 cm 2 pc Head Drape 150*240 cm 1 pc Foot Drape 150*180 cm 1 pc Wrapper 100*100 cm 1 pc Instrument Table Cover 150*200 cm 1 pc   Our Service 1.Samples and customization available. 2.Professional QC to control the quality. 3.Have enough experience and gained a high

  • Patient Disposable Surgical Packs Tooth Implant Dental Packing SMS Material Time Saving
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    Dental Implant Pack Sterile Disposable Surgical Packs Tooth Implant Drape Pack Made of Advanced Materials Factory directly sell dental implant surgical packs product information:1. Dental bib 65*1102. Instrument table cover 80*1453. EO sterilization complete indicator card from 3M4. Transparent hose cover.5. Medical fixed tape (SMS material) product characteristics save time and effort, the combination package will hand.The routine products needed for the operation are centralized, which reduces the preoperative preparation time of medical staff and wins time for the operation which must

  • Urinary Urology Tur Pack Surgeons Patients Protection 5 Years Expiry Date
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    Custom Urology Tur Surgical Packs Urinary Urology Set Surgery Products Disposable Tur Pack Product Introduction:  Urology is one of the most competitive and highly sought surgical specialties for physicians, with new urologists comprising less than 1.5% of United States medical-school graduates each year. Therefore we designed this Urology Tur Surgical Packs to suit the increasing demand.Urological techniques include minimally invasive robotic and laparoscopic surgery, laser-assisted surgeries, and other scope-guided procedures. Urologists receive training in open and

  • Surgical Sterile Camera Cover Equipment Drape
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    Surgical Sterile Camera Cover Equipment Drape Product Description  Item Name Surgical Sterile Camera Cover Equipment Drape Material PE, PVC PE Color Transparent Loading Port Qingdao Payment Term L/C, D/P, T/T, Western Union Certification ISO 13485, CE Packing Individual Pack Sterile EO Gas  Detial:Company Information:  HENAN YOSHIELD MEDICAL PRODUCTS CO.,LTD. is a company specializing in R&D, producing and selling disposable medical products and

  • Ophthalmic Sterile Surgical Packs , Eye Pack Eye Surgical Bag 1pcs Every Pounch
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    Sterile Ophthalmic Surgical Packs Disposable Eye Pack Eye Surgical BagThe sterilized ophthalmic surgical kits produced by our company can be customized to size, materials, binocular or monocular, the number of liquid collection bags, etc., to meet the needs of different doctors, hospitals or dealers. Only the quantity and specifications are required before ordering, we can proof for you to test. The Ophthalmic Eye Pack is mainly used in the ophthalmology operation, which saves the doctor's preparation time before the operation, so that the treatment can be quickly performed and more time

  • Disposable Sterile Surgical Instrument Table Cover
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    Disposable Sterile Surgical Instrument Table Cover Product Description   Item Name   Instrument Table Cover   Material   PE film + PP non-woven   Color   Blue or customized   Loading Port   Qingdao   Payment Term   L/C, D/P, T/T, Western Union   Certification   ISO 13485, CE   Packing   Individual Pack   Sterile   EO Gas Company Information:  HENAN YOSHIELD

  • Surgical Angiography Pack Disposable Sterile Angiography Drape CE Certificate
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    Surgical Angiography Pack Disposable Sterile Angiography Drape CE Certificate  Products Description   The Angiography Drape includes a surgical sheet with an opening and also includes a transparent film tightly connected with at least a portion of the surgical sheet and extending beyond at least a portion of the surgical sheet, e.g. a transparent film tightly connected with a bilateral or unilateral edge of the surgical sheet. Doctors can operate the relevant instruments directly through the transparent film, which is convenient to operate. In this way, it has a good

  • Tube Cover ENT Pack Ear Nose Throat Operation SMS Double Layers Laminated
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    Sterile Surgical Packs ENT Pack Ear Nose Throat Operation Drape Pack with Tube Cover Ear, Nose & Throat (ENT) OperationAs we know modern surgery has developed to such an extent that the body of knowledge and technical skills required have led to surgeons specialising in particular areas, usually an anatomical area of the body or occasionally in a particular technique or type of patient.There are ten surgical specialties and this briefing covers otolaryngology, or ears, nose and throat (ENT) surgery.Our sterile ENT surgical pack was designed for those surgeons and patients, and widely

  • Disposable Sterile C Section Surgical Pack Cesarean Drape CE Certificate
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    Surgical C-Section Pack Disposable Sterile Caesarean Drape CE Certificate  Products Description  Ultra-thin and comfortable film makes it stick to surgical incision and surgical towels which will contribute to operation. Its features of transparent and breathable allows the skin breathe freely, prevents the water vapor under the towel from gathering, reduces possibility of infection. That can provid a sterile environment for the operation. The main effective active ingredient is Iodine, the percent of the efficacious Iodine is 0.45%-0.55%(4500mg/L-5500mg/L).The common bacteria,

  • Medical Bed Trolly Mayo Stand Cover SMS Non Woven Individual Sterile Packing
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    Sterile Mayo Stand Cover Drapes Medical Trolly Cover Bed Drape  Application of Mayo Stand Cover: Mayo Stand Cover is a cylindric cover which made of cylindric Blue PE film, during Operation, it is used to cover the table in operating room , there is a nonwoven pasted on the one side of the cover bag. NameMayo Stand Cover DrapeUsageTrollyDrape Dimensions80*145cm,or can be customizedSurgical SpecialtyGeneral Use Drape TypeWith ReinforcementFabricSMS / SPP / Reinforcement / PE Film Fabric Weight DescriptionStandard  Packing& Delivery Packaging Details:

  • Medical Disposable Surgical Drapes Sterile Surgical Side Drape CE Certificate
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     Surgical Drape Medical Disposable Sterile Surgical Side Drape CE Certificate  Products usage The disposable sterile surgical side drape can timely absorb all the waste materials from the patient in the operation process and eliminate cross infection effectively. Products Features  The surgical side drape has the advantages of strong absorption, pollution rejection and good air permeability.Back side Waterproof, Soft,sanitary,waterproof,non-toxic, breathable, comfortable,absorbent.   Side Drape Color Blue Size 75*90cm ; 100

  • Disposable Dental Surgical Pack Sterile Reflector Drape Pack CE Certificate
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    Disposable Surgical Dental Pack Sterile Reflector Drape Pack CE Certificate  Products Description Usage: It is used in the operation room for dental surgery, the product is no irritation, no toxicity and inodorous to human, there is no energy and no side effect to body. Can be used to improve the ease, efficiency and safety of surgical procedure, meanwhile Reduced the risks of accidental cross infection.   Disposab Dental Surgical Pack NO Items Specification Quantity 1 Instrument Table Cover 150*200cm 1pc 2 Dental Bib 65*110cm 1

  • Women Gynecology Surgery Pack Examination Medical Adhesive 75*120cm 100*100cm
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    Sterile Surgical Packs Gynecology Pack Disposable Pack for Women Examination Surgery Women Exam Kit The reason why we use Gynecology surgical pack:1. Gynecological surgery refers to surgery on the female reproductive system.2. Gynecological surgery is usually performed by gynecologists. It includes procedures for benign conditions, cancer, infertility, and incontinence.3. Gynecological surgery may occasionally be performed for elective or cosmetic purposes. Contents:Sterile Gynecology Surgical PacksSizeQuantityGynecology drape75*150cm1pcSimple drape75*90cm1pcInstrument table cover150

  • Hand Disposable Surgical Drapes Guide Lamination Fabric Extremity Elastic Film
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    Sterile Hand Drapes with Guide Lamination Fabric Hand Extremity Drape Elastic Film Drape Advantage of disposable surgical drape:A good surgical instrument can be used and maintained properly for ten years, prolonging the life of the surgical instrument. The treatment of the surgical instrument before and after use should be just right. There are many operations in some places. It is difficult to wait for the disinfection time of the surgical instrument. Generally, plasma sterilization is used to make the instrument corroded and large areas of the instrument are found after several times

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