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Surgical Pack

Orthopedic Surgical Packs

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Properties: Medical Materials & Accessories

Level:  Top grade

Supply: OEM offered

Type: Surgical Supplies

Place of origin: Henan,China (Mainland)

Color: Blue /Green/White

Style: Fenestrated sequare shape

Applications: Used in hotel,hospital 

Material: SMS / Two Layers Lamination / Three Layers Lamination

Feature: Anti-bacterial, Alcohol Blood,

MainMarkets: North America,Europe,Japan

1pc  Mayo stand cover  80*145cm

4pcs  Hand towels 40*40cm

1pc Instrument table cover 150*200cm

1pc  U split drape, with adhesive 200*260cm

1pc  Side drape, with adhesive 150*240cm

1pc Side drape, with adhesive 150*200cm

1pc  Side drape, with adhesive 75*90cm

1pc  Leggings 40*120cm

2pcs OP-tape 10*50cm

2pcs Reinforced surgical gowns L size

1pc Wrapping cloth 100*100cm

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